Yellow and Green Macro

Yellow Marcro image of yellow flowers in my back yard

Marcro image of yellow flowers in my back yard

I really enjoy looking at macro photography, but to be completely honest, I don’t actually do a lot of macro photography.  I’m not really sure why, I find macro shooting to be quite relaxing and I have all the gear to do it.  I went out into my back yard the other day and saw these very pretty yellow flowers growing on what I think is actually a weed, so I decided to grab my gear and make this yellow macro image.

As pretty as I thought the little yellow flowers were, I ended up being more fascinated with the green buds that hadn’t had the yellow flowers emerge from yet.  I decided to have those green buds be the main subject of my image.

I hope you enjoy this little yellow macro.  With it being spring, I have put my macro lens and LED ring light into my camera bag and hopefully that will motivate me to slow down, smell the flowers, and then take a picture of them.

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