Twice The Kiss – #WE35 Expedition

Twice The Kiss

An in camera double exposure of The Kiss in downtown Olympia

I really enjoyed the April expedition, it was sort of a flashback to the film days when I would do in-camera double exposures. In those days you always sort of hoped that you ended up with an interesting image. In the modern digital world it is so easy to combine images in Photoshop that I hadn’t given much thought to doing them in camera again.

For the April expedition I loaded the “multiple exposure” app into my Sony a6000 and headed to Percival Landing here in Olympia. I have shot “The Kiss” many times in the past, this is the first time that I have made a double exposure of it. I really enjoy the surreal effect that this image conveys, but beyond that I really was shocked out simply doubling up, and in this case reversing, something can add something entirely new. Take a look at the very center of this image and tell me what you see there?

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