Tivoli Fountain in the Cinematic Frame

Cinematic Tivoli Fountain

A cinematic frame look at the Tivoli Fountain in Olympia

In the month of March I explored shooting scenes in an aspect ratio of 2.39:1. This is known as the “cinematic frame” and tends to be a much wider format than most people think. I recently captured this night time shot of the Tivoli Fountain in Olympia in the cinematic frame.

I have more shots of the fountain, I have been wanting to shoot it at night for a long time but between some long term maintenance and what seems to be some odd scheduling surrounding the lighting, which I will go into in a future blog post featuring at least one image of the fountain, it has taken me quite a while to get a night shot of the fountain.

You can click here to see a couple of my other cinematic frame images as well as here for an abstract, daytime, shot that I captured at the fountain.  

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