Through the Fresnel Lens

Through The Fresnel Lens

Looking through the 3rd order fresnel lens at the Grays Harbor Lighthouse in Westport, WA

It’s no secret that I love visiting the Grays Harbor Lighthouse in Westport, WA.  I have blogged about it multiple times, the most recent being here.  What I haven’t talked a lot about is the actual fresnel lens that is at the heart of every lighthouse.

The fresnel lens in and of itself is not necessarily a work of art, modern ones are typically made out of a single sheet of plastic, but the hand made lenses that used to be the workhorse of all lighthouses are something special, they are hand crafted, one of a kind and are truly works of art.

I have made a number of images of fresnel lenses from various lighthouses over the years, but when I visited the Grays Harbor light recently I really wanted to do something a little different and decided to concentrate on the bulb in the lens as well as the landscape beyond, the result of that is the image above.

While not truly unique, one of the effects of looking through a fresnel lens with a camera is the the world becomes upside down, this image was no different.  If you take some time to really look at this image, you will notice that the lightbulb is actually upside down and the background landscape is normal.  This wasn’t the case when it came out of camera, I had to flip the image as I felt it better to have the landscape right and let the bulb be upside down, which is hardly noticeable anyway.  :-)

I hope you enjoy the image, and as always, please click on the image to see a version that will scale to the size of your monitor or mobile device.

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