The #WayBackMachine visits the San Xavier Mission – The Dove of the Desert

As this blog posts hits the interwebs today I will be sittin on an airplane heading to Arizona for a 10 day work trip.  I am planning on doing a lot of photography while in Arizona but will not have access to a computer that has the ability for me to publish my images, at least not in the way that I like to manage my workflow.  Because of that, I am going to setup a number of #WayBackMachine posts over the next week and a half and will be sharing images from the trip as soon as I return back home.  This first image is an IR capture of the San Xavier Mission, also known as the Dove of the Desert, south of Tucson, AZ

The San Xavier Mission is one of those iconic locations that has been shot from almost every angle possible.  For this image I wanted to do something a little different.  Instead of getting up close to the mission I decided to back off about half a mile and to also shoot it with an IR converted camera.  I have always enjoyed this image and I hope you do too.

As always, please click on the image to see a larger version or to order prints.

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