The Tiger and the Snowman

My friend Mike Olbinski does blog posts where he titles his images after movies, I have borrowed this from him a number of times in the past, but today’s blog post is a bit more of a play on a title as opposed to the title its self.  Instead of The Falcon and the Snowman, which is a great movie, I went with The Tiger and the Snowman for obvious reasons. :-)

For many years one of our favorite things to do during the Christmas season is to travel around and look at displays of Christmas lights, especially on those houses where the people tend to go a little over the top.  Unfortunately things have been so hectic leading up to the holiday season this year that tonight was the first real opportunity we have had to get and and see some displays.  This image is from one such display on the westside of Olympia.

There is another reason though as to why I wanted to share this image.  It is the first image posted to the blog from my new Nikon D600 camera.  I have finally made it into the full frame world after spending a number of years with crop sensor Nikon bodies.  I will be doing some posts in the very near future explaining why I was so anxious to take the plunge into full frame, but for today, I wanted to simply share that this new camera is an amazing piece of technology.  I rarely share much of the technical specs of the images I post, I am more than happy to answer any questions about them, but I don’t usually find those details as all that interesting in a blog post, but for this post I am going to talk about the technical side a bit.

This image was captured hand held at ISO3200 while I was zooming my 24-70 2.8 lens.  I then imported it into Lightroom 4.3 where I did only minor edits to the image for processing.  It never left Lightroom.  After just a few days of shooting with this camera, I am absolutely floored by its capabilities.  Of course there is some noise at ISO3200, but it is very manageable.  The color rendition and contrast are amazing, and while the lens does play a big part in that, I am using the same glass that I have been shooting with for the last 3+ years.  Finally, the dynamic range, while not really an issue in this image, is simply incredible.

With the addition of the new D600, my first thoughts were that my D7000 would be relegated to backup duty, but it all truth, it is simply a 2nd camera now.  My Sigma 10-20 lens now lives on it, and I can’t think of a better one – two combo than the D600 and D7000.

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