The Texture of Yellowstone

The Texture of Mammoth Hot Springs

The texture of travertine at Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park

Earlier this summer I blogged about the contrasts that I found in Yellowstone during a family vacation there in June.  Today I want to talk a little about the texture of Yellowstone.

You can find amazing textures all through the park, but for me it really jumped out for me at Mammoth Hot Springs near the north entrance to the park.  While hard pressed to pick a favorite place in such an amazing park, Mammoth is certainly at the top of my list.

As I said, Mammoth Hot Springs is near the north entrance of the park, which is generally considered the “main” entrance as it is one of the oldest and also features the famous Roosevelt Arch.  Mammoth is also not only the location of the park headquarters but features what might be one of the most dramatic scenic wonders on the planet, the travertine terraces.  These “steps” are dramatic from any angle, but for me were absolutely fascinating up close and looked at from a more abstract point of view, such as I am sharing today.

Odds are that I will be sharing more of the travertine terraces of Mammoth Hot Springs, but I wanted to start today with this abstract that I hope highlights the texture that you find in the area.

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