The Tacoma Narrows

Today’s blog post takes us to the iconic Tacoma Narrows Bridges.  I made this image while in Tacoma with my friend Gary Wells the other evening.  We decided that we wanted to get some night shooting in and found ourselves with a decent view of the bridges at sunset.  I was really drawn to how the sun was bathing the bridge girders and had to get a shot of it.

As beautiful as these bridges are, the far one is actually the second span and the closest one is the third, it is quite hard to get a decent view of the bridges, there simply isn’t a good vantage point that I have found.  This one was about the best and as you can tell from the roofs in the foreground it was right in the middle of a neighborhood.  The funny thing was that as we were shooting a guy came by walking his dog and gave us a bit of a funny look.  I complimented him on his dog and he asked about what we were shooting.  I pointed out the way that the light was playing off of the structure of the bridge and he looked a little surprised and agreed that it was nice, you could tell that since he lived right there he has started to take this view for granted.  I can actually undertand that, after many years of living in Arizona, I had times when I was taking those iconic Arizona sunsets for granted.

You might have noticed that I mentioned that these are the second and third spans of the Tacoma Narrows. For those that don’t know, the first span of the narrows collapsed back in 1940.

I will be sharing more image from my night out shooting in Tacoma with Gary, as well as a few other shots I made while I was on my week long “staycation” last week.  I am also continuing my experiment of adding a little audioBoo to my blog posts, today’s talks briefly on how I post processed this image using Perfect Effects 4 from OnOne Software.

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  1. Bryan Snider June 24, 2013 at 12:13 pm #

    Cool shot Scott! I remember watching the 1st one collapse in bridge building class I had in middle school.
    Bryan Snider recently posted..Arizona Super MoonMy Profile

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