The other Haystack Rock

The “other” Haystack Rock on the Oregon coast.

If you type Haystack Rock into Google you will not be surprised when you find a lot of hits and information about Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, but you will also find that there are actually more than one Haystack Rock on the Oregon coast.  I refer you to this Wikipedia article.

If you have followed this blog recently, you will know that I have shared a few images of the really famous Haystack Rock at Cannon beach you can find those in previous posts on this very blog, but here is a recent one.

The Haystack Rock featured in this image is of the one in Pacific City.  I decided to go with a black and white for this one as it was a very overcast day and the light was very flat, even in the color version there wasn’t a lot of color, so I decided to play with the tone and contrast of the image.

If you get the chance to visit the Oregon coast, visit a Haystack Rock, it really doesn’t matter which one you see, they are all impressive. :-)

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