The Artisan Barn Is Open

The shadow of my tripod near the Artisan Barn  in Uniontown, WA

The shadow of my tripod near the Artisan Barn in Uniontown, WA

There are a lot of barns on the Palouse.  Not only are there a lot of barns, there are a lot of styles of barns.  At one time all these barns had one thing in common, they were working barns on working farms.  Today a large number of barns on the Palouse are still working barns on working farms, but a number of them have been given a new life for other purposes.  The “Wheel Barn” in Uniontown, WA is a great example of that.  Technically the Dahmen Barn, this barn is also know as the Artisan Barn.

Today this barn, by whatever name you want to give it, plays host to local artisans and also provides both display and performance space for artists in the area.  IMO this really is quite an accomplishment when you consider that Uniontown is actually a very small town south of Pullman.

We visited the barn during sunrise on our last full day on the Palouse for NxNW2015.  While I did shoot the barn itself quite a lot, one of the scenes that immediately grabbed my attention was these old signs that I suspect were put out on the highway to direct people to the barn.  Not only did I like the signs, the rising sun was right at my back and my tripod was casting a shadow that I thought was very appropriate for the scene.

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