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Desert Storm

For some of us “Desert Storm” was a war a little over 20 years ago, crap, it is hard to believe that it was over 20 years ago.  For me it is also the title of an image I made a few years ago near Tucson, AZ.

The reason I am reposting this image is that I have been doing a lot of work cleaning up both my online galleries as well as my Lightroom collection.  This image has been online for a long time but it was always a small JPG version, I have since replace that version with this larger version.  This image is actually a 10 image panorama captured with an IR converted Nikon camera.

I also wanted to pass on a little house keeping message with this blog post.  I have been moving my primary galleries over to a self hosted solution, which I am generally very happy with, but I have discovered that not all of my images have been showing up in my RSS feeds.  For the time being, I am reverting back to using my SmugMug galleries to host my images to insure that my followers who read via RSS actually get to see the images.

I do have more things to hit the blog soon, I have been traveling a lot for work latest, and have a few more work trips coming up, but will do my best to get back to doing some regular updates.

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