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Down The Road with my #ProjectDSCS30

I thought it was time to re-visit my #ProjectDSCS30 that I introduced in this post a couple months ago.  As a reminder, this is a small personal project where I am capturing images with what is now considered an ancient camera, a Sony DSC-S30.  This is a 1 megapixel camera that while it does not have any real manual control, it surprisingly enough does allow me to shoot in TIFF mode.

This image was from a recent work trip down to Oregon where I made a side trip to the Columbia River Gorge to do a little shooting.  My recently posted Horsetail Falls image was from that same trip.  I processed this image in Lightroom and Perfect Black & White from OnOne Software. I thought that the title “Down The Road” seemed fitting for this image.

The purpose of this little project is not to create amazing art with a real cheap, very old camera, but simply to illustrate that you can make interesting images with any camera you have in your hands, it really shouldn’t be about the gear, but with your eye and your ability to get the most out of the gear that you do have.  I hope you enjoy this image as well as the future submissions to this project.


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Introducing my new #ProjectDSCS30


Crab Apples

I was digging though some boxes in my garage the other night looking for a charger for my wife’s point and shoot camera.  I never did find that charger, but I did come across the very first digital camera I ever bought, a Sony DSC-S30.  This 1.3 megapixel beast served me well as a carry around camera for quite awhile.  I have made countless snapshots with it.  I decided to plug it in, give it a charge and see if the darned thing still worked and more importantly if the battery would hold a charge after having sat in a box for MANY years.  I was thrilled when I discovered that it worked as well as it did the day it was sort of forgotten about.

Those that follow me know that I don’t really care about gear.  Of course we all want better gear, but you don’t need that better gear to make great images.  I decided that I would start a little personal project where I would make some images with this little 1.3 megapixel camera and share them here.  I am not setting any sort of timeline as to when I will be posting images, it will happen when I feel like posting.  I will be tagging them with #ProjectDSCS30 and will be sharing them on the various social media outlets I use.  I hope you follow along, and I hope that it will demonstrate that you don’t need the latest and greatest gear to get out and shoot and make images that people will like.

Oh yeah, about this image.  This isn’t what I would consider a great image, but this is the very first shutter actuation made since discovering the camera, and thought it would be appropriate to use as the image for this introductory post.

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