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Arcadia Beach


Arcadia Beach on the Oregon coast

Yesterday I found myself in Oregon for my day job and decided to go a little out of my way on the way and stop by the coast on my way home.  As those who follow me know, I was in Oregon recently shooting at Cannon Beach and decided to shoot just a little south of Cannon Beach on this stop.  In fact, if you turn 180 degrees from where I captured this image, you can see Haystack Rock.  This is technically Arcadia Beach.

Even though it is still technically summer, the entire coast was overcast and there was a slight chill in the air, the beaches were almost empty and it really felt that fall was here.  I have to confess something though, fall and winter are my absolute favorite times to be on the pacific northwest beaches.

I hope you enjoy this image.  I have one or two more that I will be sharing sometime down the road.  I already hinted as to what one of those images might be. :-)

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