Stary Night

Stary Night

The night sky full of stars beetween Tucson and Phoenix in the Arizona desert


Ok, before you tell me that I misspelled the title of this blog post, let me assure you that I didn’t, I did that on purpose.  There is already a really famous Starry Night and I don’t want anyone to think that I would compare my little image with something as iconic as the one you have most likely heard of already, so I removed an R from mine and make it Stary Night.  Cleaver aren’t I :-)

As you know, I was recently back in Arizona for work and while I really wanted to get out and get some Milky Way images, the timing was pretty bad and the moon didn’t set each night until well after midnight.  Since the moon wasn’t going to cooperate I didn’t bother to drive a long ways away from the lights of the city and simply stopped between between Tucson and Phoenix to grab this shot.  Even though this Stary Night image is not one of those great images of the milky way, I am still pretty happy with it and hope that you like it also.


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  1. Mike Criswell February 26, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

    Love this, cannot wait to pick your brain!
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