Sea Grass

The sun sets behind some grass near the Pacific Ocean

The sun sets behind some grass near the Pacific Ocean

After what seems like a lot of black and white images here on the photoblog I decided it was time to put a splash of color back onto the site.  This image of sea grass was shot a number of weeks ago during a club field trip with the Olympia Camera Club.

I realize that this image is a lot different than what I normally share, but I do enjoy making images like this.  I enjoy them and hope that you do too.

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  1. Fred Runk November 11, 2014 at 1:30 pm #


    Great photo! Reminds me of some Japanese paintings I have seen.

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  1. […] Sea Grass – Scott Wood shares a great shot here, predominantly featuring the silhouettes of strands of grass blowing in the gentle breeze against a vibrant sky created at sunset. You can almost hear the whispers of the grasses as they move back and forth, undulating with the ebb and flow of the winds that envelop them. […]

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