Private Fireworks

Fireworks 2017

A private fireworks display during the 4th of July of 2017

I am not sure what I enjoy more, enjoying fireworks or photographing fireworks.  If you look through the gallery that this image is linked to you will see a handful of fireworks images.  This image is a bit different though.  The other images that I have shared are from municipal type displays, this shot was from some nearby private fireworks.

The house that you see in this image is a mile or so south of our house and is up on an elevated ridge.  We have always wondered what the view from up on that ridge was like and we finally got the opportunity to visit this very house earlier this year during a party that was hosted there.  When we were at that party we found out that the people that live there put on a fireworks display each year for a party that they host.  With that knowledge we decided to forego all of the larger municipal displays and limit ourselves to enjoying this one.

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