Percival Landing Fisheye

The Percival Fisheye

Fisheye image of Percival Landing in downtown Olympia, WA

When we moved to Olympia from Arizona back in 2012 I had an idea for a photo project that I wanted to work on.  For whatever reason I never actually started it and it sort of fell off of my radar.  With my desire to get out and shoot more in 2015, I have decided to get started on that project.  This fisheye image of Percival Landing in downtown Olympia will be part of that project.  I am not ready to go into much detail as to what the project will be, but I will be sharing images as I capture them and if things go as I plan this will turn into a book at some point.

In the meantime, you can always visit the new gallery section here on my site where I have setup a “Projects” category.  You can also click on this image to get taken to that section.

As for this image, anyone who has spent any time in downtown Olympia has walked by this scene many times.  It doesn’t take much effort with your favorite search engine to find hundreds of images from this very location, so I decided to use a fisheye lens to give it a little distortion and change up the scene just a bit.

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