Painted Lightning

Lightning over the high desert of Arizona near Winslow

Lightning over the high desert of Arizona near Winslow

So here it is, my favorite lightning image from my recent storm chasing trip to Arizona.  I titled this one Painted Lightning not because of the strike itself, but because it was over the painted desert.

To be honest, I have at least 100 other lightning strike images that I captured during my week in Arizona, and while I would have most likely shared them in the past, over the last few years I have gotten very selective as to what I decide “makes the cut” to be in my online galleries.  I think that the main reason for this is since I no longer live in the Arizona desert, the time that I get to spend there during monsoon season is somewhat special, and I want to share images that are a little more special to me.

I hope that you have enjoyed the series of images from the trip.  I had a great time capturing them and while I largely create these images for myself, I do enjoy all the feedback I get from everyone.

Now I just need some Washington thunderstorms to chase.

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