Olympia Airport Lightning

Oly Airport Lightning

Lightning bolt captured near the Olympia Airport during a recent thunderstorm

I made a promise to myself some time ago that I was going to do a better job not only sharing images on my social media outlets but here on my blog as well.  I am sad to say that I haven’t really done either very well.  Heck, my last entry here was back in January.  It’s not that I haven’t been shooting, I carry a camera with me every day, it’s just that my habits have changed over the last year.  Fortunately a thunderstorm the other night sort of jolted me back to having photographic excitement again.

This isn’t actually a new thing for me.  Back when I regularly chased the Arizona monsoon I would get into what I would call photographic doldrums though the late spring into early summer.  It was always the monsoon, and specifically lightning, that would get my creative juices flowing again.  Glad to know that it can still happen.

I captured this image of lightning over the Olympia airport, that’s the control tower that you can see by that big tree, and while the thunderstorms that come though Western Washington are tiny compared to many other places, they are still capable of being photogenic.  I actually captured 3 shots that night that I consider keepers, and I will be sharing all of them in time.

There will be another short break in my online activity coming up.  I am returning to Burning Man for the first time in 13 years this year, and will most likely have very little to no internet access while I am there.  I am really looking forward to sharing more though.

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