Masts, Cranes and Ships

Masts and Cranes

The cranes of a cargo ship behind the masts of pleasure craft in Olympia, WA

I am a big fan of the Port of Olympia. Personally I feel that a vibrant port business is good for the community and even though there has been controversy in the past as to the types of goods that come through our little port, I am always happy to see a big ship at the dock and the cranes moving good around.  I captured this image, that features masts from pleasure craft in front of the cranes of a cargo ship during the recent Kelby World Wide Photowalk around the waterfront in downtown Olympia.

Those that follow my blog, or my social media posts, know that I enjoy our waterfront.  I spend a lot of time down there either with a camera in my hand or enjoying a craft beer at Oly Taproom.  One of the reasons that I live where I do is to be close to the water.  Nothing, IMO, says “close to the water” like a boat or a ship. :-)

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  1. Michael W Criswell November 2, 2017 at 7:39 am #

    Very cool shot Scot!

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