Look Down

Reclaimed Water

A reclaimed water man hole cover that I discovered during a photowalk because I decided to look down.

When we are out creating images it is second nature to look up, look around, look the the left and look to the right.  What isn’t always second nature is take a second and to simple look down.

While on a recent lunchtime photowalk I came across this small man hole cover because I did take a moment to look down.  A couple things really jumped out at me when I saw it.  First was that it was triangle shaped, I don’t remember seeing one like that before.  The second was that the raised parts of the steel look like tire tracks and I thought that was pretty clever since it was on a road.  The third thing I noticed was the little tuft of green stuff growing in the rectangle hole in the middle.

Take a moment and look down, you never know what you might find.

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