Just a little website update

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about a few changes I have made to the website.

In the past www.scottwoodphotography.com pointed to my SmugMug image galleries.  I had always intended this to be a temporary thing as this domain is much more suitable being the “parent” domain over everything.  When I moved the photoblog off of myblueheaven.com, I setup a domain scottwoodphotoblog.com to host it, that was also a temporary thing, and I am thrilled to say that all my domains are now where they belong.

www.scottwoodphotography.com is the “main” domain now.  The old scottwoodphotoblog.com still directs you to my blog, but I have setup scottwoodphotogallery.com as a homepage for my SmugMug account, but everything can now be reached from a single place.

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