IR from Steptoe Butte

Steptoe IR

If you spent much time surfing the net and looking at images created in Washington State, it won’t take you very long to find some spectacular images of the Palouse.  The Palouse is a major wheat producing region in the world, and is known for it’s gentle rolling hills.  Right in the heart of the Palouse is the highest point around, Steptoe Butte.  Most of the images you will see of the rolling hills of the Palouse are taken from Steptoe Butte.

I grew up very close to the Palouse and went back last week to visit some family, which is much easier now that I live in western Washington than it was when I lived in Arizona. :-)  On my way back home last weekend I decided to stop by Steptoe Butte even though it was a very hazy day and I was there right at mid day.  Typically you wouldn’t bother trying to make a landscape image giving the conditions, but these very conditions really allow an IR converted camera to shine.  Not only does the IR spectrum cut through a lot of the haze in the air, but harsh mid day light also allows for a huge range of reflected IR light.  This image is a perfect example of that.  To the naked eye, and with a transitional camera, very little of what you are seeing here was actually visible.

The other thing great about using an IR converted body for a shot like this, and I have brought this up many times before, is that it allows you to create an image of a fairly iconic scene but allows the viewer to see it in a slight different way than they are used to.

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  1. Kris Koeller August 4, 2012 at 8:33 pm #

    That’s very cool. Very interested in trying this with one of my old Nikon bodies.
    Kris Koeller recently posted..New York City Roof TopsMy Profile

  2. Toad Hollow Photo August 8, 2012 at 12:15 pm #

    Your IR work is really second-to-none, Scott. Wow, what an amazing countryside, and when shot and delivered in IR like you’ve done here it really opens up a whole new world to the viewer!
    Toad Hollow Photo recently posted..Higgledy-Piggledy HouseMy Profile

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