Hummingbird Season

Snack Time

A hummingbird getting a snack

Summer is right around the corner which means that the hummingbirds are out in force.  While it is true that we have some breeds of hummingbirds that stay in Western Washington year round, the full population is back, and back in force.  The activity around our feeders has never been greater.

I started trying to photograph hummingbirds a couple years ago.  It has been a real journey to come up with a shooting style that works for me and gives me the results I want.  I have done everything from very long lenses, remotely triggered cameras to hand held.  I have used strobes, speed lights and the sun for lighting.  After a lot of trial and error I think I am pretty close to having a technique that works well for me.

I will be blogging more about how I am shooting these guys, but in the meantime here is an image I made the other day in my front yard.

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