Grays Harbor from Westhaven State Park – time lapse video

Grays Harbor from Westhaven State Park – time lapse video

Westhaven State Park from Scott Wood on Vimeo.

After having spent a week and a half in the Arizona Desert, the first thing I wanted to do when I got back home to the Pacific Northwest was to get out to the ocean as soon as humanly possible. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy visiting the desert, but I love water and want to be around water as much as I can. I got home from the airport pretty late on Friday night and headed out to Grays Harbor on the western Washington coast first thing Saturday morning.

I have shot out at Grays Harbor and Westport a number of times over the years, there but I had never actually shot at Westhaven State Park before this visit. I don’t know why I hadn’t shot there before, but shame on me, what a great place. The second I saw this little stretch of curved beach I started coming up with compositions and when I saw the crossing clouds I knew that I had to make a time lapse video of the scene. As a bonus, some people started using the beach which only adds more interest to the video IMO.

This time lapse video was shot with my Nikon D7000, since getting the D600 the D7000 has been taking on more of a role as my backup camera as well as my primary time lapse body. This actually works quite well as it keeps the D600 free for doing other shooting at the same time.

I hope you enjoy this time lapse video, I had a great time shooting it, even if I did get a bit cold standing out in the winter ocean winds.

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