Gilbert Silos at Sunset

Gilbert Silos

The Gilbert Silos captured at sunset

When one things of capturing an image of a grain silo at sunset, Arizona is probably not the first location that comes to mind.  You would probably think of somewhere like the Palouse region here in Washington State, but in the far east valley of the Phoenix area is the town of Gilbert, which has the Gilbert Silos.

Gilbert, while technically a suburb of Phoenix, is actually a good distance to the south and east of Phoenix, and was a huge agriculture center for decades.  Now days it has become developments of track houses in neighborhoods that look just like any other suburban neighborhood and a downtown that is really trying to give downtown Scottsdale a run for its money when it comes to trendy restaurants and shops.

The nice thing though is that this set of silos, while sort of in the middle of those suburban neighborhoods, still stands, and the residents in the area seem to want them to stay.  

I have shot these silos a number of times but I hadn’t been back to them in a few years until last week when I was out shooting with my good friend Bryan Snider.  It was fun to visit again and we were even rewarded with a nice sunset.

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