Fishing into the setting sun


Sunset Fishing

I have to be honest, this image started as a snapshot when my wife and I were in Aberdeen, WA on Sunday evening.  The only reason we were in the area was that a friend recommended a somewhat nearby roadside place, Clark’s Restaurant (which was awesome), and we decided to make a stop by the water on the way home.  I had my tripod and some gear with me, but just grabbed this image while we were watching some fishermen on the dock that you can see in the image.  I did like the position of the sun, the smoke coming out of the smoke stack and the color of the sky and the reflection it produced in the harbor, but again, it wasn’t a photo outing and I grabbed this sort of in a hurry.

Once I got home and imported it into Lightroom, I sort of fell in love with it.  The setting sun contrasts very nicely with the industrial setting on the right side of the image, and I love how I can just barely make out the fishermen on the dock.

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