Fire Engines and Auto Parts

A Centralia, WA fire engine in front of an auto parts store

A Centralia, WA fire engine in front of an auto parts store

Today’s blog post takes us back to the Centralia, WA photo walk that I shared this image from a few days ago.  While we were photo walking around town, a couple of us noticed this fire engine parked in front of a local auto parts store.  As you might imagine, this led to a lot of jokes about a fire engine breaking down and needing to source parts for the repair, but the far more likely scenario is that in a small town like Centralia where a lot of people know each other, this was probably just a social visit.

In any case, I thought it made for a nice little snapshot, so I shot it and am now sharing it.

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  1. Graham August 10, 2017 at 10:57 am #

    This raises an interesting question in my mind…Would you be able to service an entire Fire Engine with equipment/parts from your average auto supply store? I’d guess the answer for the engine itself is yes, but can you service all the water pump stuff?
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