Exploring The Frontier with ExpeditionCityStreets

Expedition City Streets Two

Mural art in downtown Olympia, WA captured for #ExpeditionCityStreets

A little over a week ago my good friends over at The Photo Frontier put together a little global photo event called Expedition City Streets, or #ExpeditionCityStreets in its hashtag form. :-)

There was no doubt that I wanted to participate, but it happened to fall on a Tuesday and sadly I do have a day job.  This meant that my participation in #ExpeditionCityStreets was going to be limited to my lunch hour.  This wasn’t going to give me the amount of time I would have liked to really get the creative juices flowing, and I knew that I was going to have to pick something to “focus” my camera on.  Ultimately I decided to concentrate on the murals and art that you can find on many of the buildings in downtown Olympia.

The follow collection of images, as well as the one that headlines this post, are from that all to brief #ExpeditionCityStreets photowalk.  Please keep in mind that there is actually a lot more art all around Olympia, these are just a very small sample.  I hope you enjoy, and as always, please click on any image to see a larger sized version scaled for the display you are viewing it on.

Expedition City Streets One

Expedition City Streets Three

Expedition City Streets Four

Expedition City Streets Five

Expedition City Streets Six

Expedition City Streets Seven

Expedition City Streets Nine

Expedition City Streets Eight

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