Contact Sheet – A #WE35 Expedition


Contact Sheet for the Feb. 2015 #WE35 Expedition

Those that were into photography before the advent of the digital world we now live in, and especially those that processed their own negatives, will know what a contact sheet is.  While the above isn’t exactly a contact sheet in the most traditional sense of the word, it is about as close as you can come in the 21st century.

As you already know from reading my blog, I am participating in a 35mm fixed focal length project this year, I have already shared a number of images from this project, and each month we have an assigned “expedition” to complete.  In Jan. it was an image of our mailbox, in Feb. is was to go out and simulate shooting a 36 exposure roll of film and then turning those images into a contact sheet.

For this months expedition, I chose to use my new Sony a6000 with a pre-AI Nikon 24mm lens.  On the crop sensor of the Sony camera, the 24mm lens is very close to being a traditional 35mm focal length.  I also shot this series in JPG mode with absolutely ZERO post processing, had my camera capture in black and white and even fixed the ISO at 400 to replicate my days of shooting 400 ASA film.

When the expedition assignment came out for this month, I honestly thought it was going to be a very easy one.  I had shot film for decades and it meant nothing to go out and shoot a roll of film, and have each and every shot of that roll of film be captured with a purpose.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  You see, I switched to digital in 2007 and immediately went down the path of being able to shoot in rapid fire mode and then cull out the bad shots after I downloaded them to my computer.  I haven’t had to give much thought to not wasting a frame during a shoot since the last time I loaded up a roll of film.

Needless to say, I was able to successfully complete this month’s expedition, I shot it on the Washington State Capitol campus here in Olympia, and it really did open my eyes to how much my shooting habits have changed in the short time since 2007 when I went digital, and I can honestly say that those changing habits have not been all for the best.

I do plan on sharing individual images from this expedition, in fact, the previous images of the sculpture of George Washington was from this very series of images.  Stay tuned.

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