Change – #WE35 Expedition October


2015 marked a huge change in the way I make images

The October expedition featuring “change” really struck a chord with me. With the possible exception of moving to digital from film in 2007, 2015 might be the biggest year of change I have had photographically.

Early in the year I decided to add a small Sony mirrorless camera to the mix, little did I know that within a couple months of that purchase I would have sold all of my Nikon dslr gear with the exception of an IR converted D200 and a handful of old Nikon lenses and would be shooting with the Sony system exclusively.

My Expedition October image reflects that change by showing the change in my #WE35 kit from a Nikon dslr with a 35mm lens to a Sony mirrorless body with a Nikon 24mm (35mm equivalent on a crop sensor) pre-AI lens.

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