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Sound – #WE35 Expedition August

Sound - Expedition August of the #WE35 project

Sound – Expedition August of the #WE35 project

Expedition August of the #‎WE35 project was about sound. It took me a real long time to even wrap my head around what I wanted to do and after many false starts, this image happened and it now seems to damned obvious to me.

With as big of a part that the the soundtrack was for the #‎NxNW2015 trip to the Palouse, how did I not thing about getting it into #WE35 sooner than I did?

Oh yeah, thanks Jacob Lucas for turning all of us onto this awesome cover.

Selfie – #WE35 Expedition September


A selfie image captured for the WE35 project

Over the next couple weeks you will be seeing a few more #WE35 posts coming, sadly these posts are for the images from expeditions earlier in the year.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am somewhat behind but playing catchup.

This image, which was captured recently, is actually for the September expedition.  The subject of the expedition was to capture a selfie there was only one real rule, no selfie sticks.

Emotion – #WE35 Expedition July

Carnival Horse

A carnival ride horse in motion

I can honestly say that I am shocked that it is already the second week in December, where has all the time gone this year?  The first half of the year was completely occupied with a combination of keeping one of our dogs alive and getting through the broken leg recovery of the other. You can read all about that over on my personal blog.  If you throw in how busy I have been with my day job, and it is probably little wonder that I am so far behind on a few different personal projects.

The 2015 edition of the #WE35 project is no exception.  For those that follow this blog, you might remember seeing some #WE35 posts earlier in the year, for those that don’t, you can find them in the blog archives, but in a nutshell the #WE35 project involves being creative with a fixed focal length lens, a 35mm equivalent in this case.

I actually captured this image back in July, but apparently I got to busy and never actually blogged it, thus the expedition July blog post in the 2nd week of December.  Ok, you might be asking about the August through December images and blog posts now, trust me, they are coming.

Moment – #WE35 Expedition May

Protester holding up a skateboard during a protest

Protester holding up a skateboard during a protest

Of the three images that I selected for WE35 Expedition May I think it is the “Moment” image that is actually the important one.  Shortly after the shooting hit the new, the Olympia Police Department announced that the 2 suspects were only armed with skateboards.

Needless to say, the protesters didn’t feel that a skateboard should be considered a deadly weapon and should justify the shooting of the suspects.  While there were a number of people there with skateboards, this is the one, and the moment that really grabbed my attention while I was documenting the protest.

That’s it for my submission to WE35 – Expedition May.  I really wish I would have had a different local event to shoot, I love the town I live in.  I moved here by choice, not because I had to.  No one wants to see anything like this happen anywhere, let alone where they live.  We have had both peaceful protests and ongoing violence since the tragic events early in the morning of May 21.  I fear that there is going to be more violence before this is all over but there is one thing I hope that people remember.  Peaceful protest is not only protected by the first amendment, it is absolutely critical to living in a free society.  Violence and looting on the other hand is nothing but fear and anger based and serves no one.

Portrait – #WE35 Expedition May

Using GoPro to photograph crowd at a protest

Using GoPro to photograph crowd at a protest

This is my second of three images for Expedition May of the #WE35 project and while I got images that would probably fit the category of “portrait” more than this one does, this one really does illustrate a common theme during the protest, it seemed that everyone had some sort of camera.

It wasn’t very many years ago that a protest like this would most likely only be captured by a small handful of cameras, most likely media of some type, but in the world of high quality cell phone cameras I can’t imagine that there is an angle or moment of this protest that doesn’t have some sort of video or photographic record of it.

Stay tuned, I will be sharing my “Moment” image tomorrow to close out my Expedition May submissions.