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Potatoes and Leeks

Potatoes and Leeks

Potatoes and leeks at the Olympia Farmers Market

We had plans to spend a little time at the Olympia Farmers Market over the weekend, we needed honey and we always buy honey from a local bee keeper that sets shop up at the market. I also thought it was a great opportunity to carry my #WE35 kit around with me. When I saw a stand of potatoes and leeks, with some nice light falling on them, I had to grab a snapshot of them.

The thing that really jumped out at me when I saw this stand was that the vendor seemed to be something of a potato merchant, there were 6 or 7 different varieties yet only the one basket of leeks right in the middle of the sea of potatoes.  I thought it made for a nice contrast.

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A new year, a new #WE35

WE35 Mailbox

Starting the 2017 #WE35 project with my mailbox, as we have in previous years

Back in 2015 I participated in a photo project that ended up being very rewarding, #WE35 from The Photo Frontier.  If you scroll though the archives here on my blog, especially for the posts back in 2015, you will see a lot of posts and images from that project.

As I said, I found that project to be very rewarding, not only did it provide a much needed motivation to get out and shoot, but to get out a shoot things I might not normally shoot, it also lead to making a lot of new online photography friends.  It really was a win-win no matter how you look at it.

In addition to the community that has developed around #WE35, it really does help photographers see things a little differently.  The whole object behind the project is group assignments each month that are shot at a focal length of 35mm.

The image above is my January 2017 #ExpeditionWE35 submission.  Each year of the project we have started the year out by sharing an image of our mailbox.  If you haven’t scrolled through my #WE35 archives yet, here is a link to my mailbox back in 2015.  

I have to confess that I didn’t really shoot as much as I would have liked in 2016, there were a lot of reasons behind that, but I am truly looking forward to 2017.

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Growth – #WE35 Expedition December


#WE35 Expedition December refecting on growth as a photographer over the last year

If my participating in the #WE35 project this year accomplished anything, it was not only to help me see the world through the eyes of different photographers and even more to push me to make images that I wouldn’t have made otherwise.

My Expedition December image is an image that I would never had made before, not because I wasn’t capable of making the image, but that I would have never thought to make it. We started the project off with Expedition January when we made images of our mailboxes, I decided to come full circle and capture the world as seen from inside my mailbox. Maybe a good thing that my neighbors aren’t very close, wonder what they would have thought if they would have seen me put a camera in my mailbox?

False Image – #WE35 Expedition November

False Image - An IR captured image of the old Brewhouse in Olympia WA

False Image – An IR captured image of the old Brewhouse in Olympia WA

I’m just about caught up with all of my 2015 #‎WE35 expedition work. I shot Novembers “False Image” expedition image some time ago, but due to a work trip, then travel for the holidays, I didn’t get a chance to post it until today.

Being something of an avid IR photographer, and since I love working in a light spectrum that is outside of what we can see with our limiting human eyes, doing an IR capture for this expedition seemed something of a no brainer.

Change – #WE35 Expedition October


2015 marked a huge change in the way I make images

The October expedition featuring “change” really struck a chord with me. With the possible exception of moving to digital from film in 2007, 2015 might be the biggest year of change I have had photographically.

Early in the year I decided to add a small Sony mirrorless camera to the mix, little did I know that within a couple months of that purchase I would have sold all of my Nikon dslr gear with the exception of an IR converted D200 and a handful of old Nikon lenses and would be shooting with the Sony system exclusively.

My Expedition October image reflects that change by showing the change in my #WE35 kit from a Nikon dslr with a 35mm lens to a Sony mirrorless body with a Nikon 24mm (35mm equivalent on a crop sensor) pre-AI lens.