Broken Bird

Broken Bird

A woman looks at a bird that can no longer fly

During last weekend’s Olympia Camera Club field trip to Cape Disappointment we all decided that we wanted to find a nice vantage point to shoot the setting sun.  About an hour before sunset I scouted out a location that I thought would be ideal, there were a lot of interesting foreground subjects, the ocean waves while not as high as I might have liked them were still very visible and there was a gorgeous layer of thin clouds that would be perfect for catching the light from the setting sun.

Of course Mother Nature can be fickle, and those gorgeous clouds vanished in mere minutes.  While the sunset was still nice, it wasn’t what I had really hoped for.  While shooting the sunset though I noticed this woman off in the distance looking at what appeared to be a little black blob on the beach.  At first I couldn’t tell what she was so interested in but I aimed my camera at her knowing that if she was so interested in whatever that black blob was, there might be an image to be had.  After a few minutes of watching the black blog stood up and I could tell that it was a medium sized bird.  What I didn’t know at the time was that the bird that this woman was looking at was injured and not only couldn’t fly, but couldn’t walk around either.

While I didn’t get the sunset image that I wanted, I did get this image which to me is even better, it gives the setting sun a context and tells a story.

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  1. Wayne Carlson October 7, 2014 at 9:43 am #

    Very nice shot. I like the use of the “upside down” sunset silhouetting the girl and bird and placement in the frame. Where is the sun in relation to the shot? I’m wondering how the waves came out as essentially a grayscale.

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