Bouncing Sparks

Bouncing Sparks

Back in the spring I did a blog post about a night out spinning steel wool with a photography meetup group here in Olympia.  I also posted about spinning steel wool in my front yard.  I didn’t really go into great detail in either post about how one goes about spinning steel wool, and I am not going to in this post either, there are a lot of tutorials that an adventurous photographer can find with just the basic understanding of how to use a search engine, but I did want to talk briefly about why I chose this image to share today, and I can sum it up in two works, Bouncing Sparks.

I made this image on Saturday night during another meetup group shoot here in Olympia.  We had somewhere between 20 and 25 photographers out shooting and I think that a good time was had by everyone.  I ended up walking away with about 100 images from the night, but to be honest, most were shots just like many other hundreds that I have in my Lightroom catalogs.  This one is even like those other hundreds of images but I thought I would share it anyway, I really like the way that the composition came out, but what I really love about it is the way that the sparks bounce off the asphalt in this particular image, and even more specifically that they did so very close to my camera.

I hope that you enjoy this image, and I do have one more from the evening that I will be sharing later this week, and I am excited to say that I tried something new on it and it doesn’t look like the hundreds of other steel wool shots I have.  Stay tuned.

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  1. Jimi Jones October 21, 2013 at 8:17 am #

    Cool shot, Scott!
    Looks like a fun image to create.
    Jimi Jones recently posted..City of Rehoboth Beach PavilionMy Profile

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