Boats out of place

Broken Down Old Boat

A broken down old boat out of place near a broken down old shed near Olympia, WA

About 15 years ago my wife and I were four wheeling in our 1968 FJ40 Land Cruiser about 20 miles south of Tucson, out in the middle of the desert, and we came across a boat that had been abandoned.  It wasn’t on a trailer, and keep in mind that we were a long ways away from any sized body of water that would have accommodated this boat, it wasn’t small.   That boat out in the middle of the desert fascinated me and even thought I didn’t have a camera with me that day it did launch a personal project where I capture images of boats out of place.

I have 20 or so images in the collection for this project, which I hope to turn into a book at some point, but when we came across this boat, out of place, last weekend I had to pull over and grab a shot of it.  Even though we do live very close to a very large body of water, it always fascinates me when I see a scene like this.

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