Fireworks in Tumwater Valley

Tumwater Valley fireworks 2015

Fireworks att he Artesian Family Festival and Thunder Valley Fireworks

Even though Thurston County is somewhat small, there are options for 4th of July weekend fireworks on both the 3rd and 4th of July. Yesterday I posted and image of the display at Boston Harbor on the evening of the 3rd, and today I am posting an image from display last night in the Tumwater Valley.

While everyone seems to unofficially call the display the “Tumwater Valley Fireworks” the actual name of the event is “Artesian Family Festival and Thunder Valley Fireworks.”  As much as I do love having fireworks over water, the display in the Tumwater valley is always a good one, and last nights was no exception.

I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July holiday.  I am traveling for the next week and a half for work, I hope to update this blog as much as possible while I am gone.

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4th of July 2015

Boston Harbor Fireworks 2015

2 kids enjoying the Boston Harbor fireworks on July 3rd, 2015

Let me start this blog post by wishing all of my readers and followers a very happy 4th of July.  I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy celebrating Independence Day 2015.

We started the long weekend celebrations by going to the Boston Harbor fireworks.  This is actually our 2nd time going to this show, and while it might be smaller than the nearby display put on in Lacey, WA, I think it is a much better location, who doesn’t love fireworks over water.

We were in almost the exact same location this year for the display as we were last year, and even though there were fewer people right around us, but it was still a very well attended show.

I really enjoy shooting fireworks, and this display was my first attempt at doing so with my new mirrorless camera system, and it performed great, as I thought it would.  While I wish that there would have been just a little bit more light on these two boys who were enjoying the show, I am still quite happy with the composition and hope you enjoy it also.

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The Ben Franklin Bridge

The Ben Franklin Bridge at night shot from the Camden, NJ waterfront

The Ben Franklin Bridge at night shot from the Camden, NJ waterfront

The Ben Franklin Bridge is quite a prominent feature between Philadelphia, PA and Camden, NJ.  I have already shared an image I made of the Philadelphia skyline from out on the bridge but I also drove over to the Camden waterfront to shoot the Philadelphia skyline during my recent work trip to the area.

The Camden waterfront really is a great place to shoot at night. You not only have great views of the Philadelphia skyline, which I will be sharing another image of soon, but they also light up the USS New Jersey, which I have already shared here, and maybe even more impressive than either is the view of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

They really do a great job of lighting the bridge up once the sun goes down.  I would have loved to have had more time to explore the area more, and shoot different angles of the bridge, but I did get this image, which might be my favorite image of the entire trip.  I hope you enjoy it.

As a side note, I wanted to remind you that you can always click on an image to see a larger version of it, but I also wanted to point out some new sharing features here on the site.  If you click through to any of the blog articles you will find new sharing buttons at the end of each post.  I have also added share buttons for each individual image if you hover over any image on the site.  I really would appreciate it if you would share anything you like with your friends on the social media site of your choice.


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Weber House at the Golden Hour

The Weber house near Pullman, WA during the golden hour just before sunset

The Weber house near Pullman, WA during the golden hour just before sunset

One of the final, and possibly most epic, stops during the recent #NxNW2015 expedition to the Palouse was the Weber House near Pullman. We spent a number of hours there and shot it from just before sunset until well into the night. We got images such as this with it bathed in the light of the golden hour, we got shots where we did light painting, we got shots of the Milky Way and a few of us even got a shot of a falling star.

The Weber House might be one of the most photographed structures on the Palouse. It is close to town on good roads and seems to be a stop for all of the photo-tours that are ran in the area. When we arrived there was a large group of photographers from a commercial tour shooting. That tour left shortly after our arrival and we had the place to ourselves for the rest of the evening.

I have three or four more images of the Weber House that I will be sharing but this is one of the first that I made when we arrived. The golden light falling on the old house was simply gorgeous when we were they and while I have some shots where I was zoomed in a lot tighter on the house, this is the one that really spoke to me, I love having the house set against the rolling hills of the Palouse.

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A Faint Aurora Over Olympia

A very faint, not visible to the naked eye, aurora over Olympia, WA

A very faint, not visible to the naked eye, aurora over Olympia, WA

An aurora, or Northern Lights, are not unheard of as far south as Olympia, but they are rare.  Things have to line up just right for them to present themselves.  Monday night was one of those rare nights when it happened.  Long time readers might remember this display from back in 2012.

While the display did get brighter after I had to call it a night, I was able to capture this very faint display, it wasn’t visible to the naked eye, but was just bright enough for my camera to see.

I wish I could have stayed out shooting longer that night, but the alarm clock always goes off for the day job and I had to stop shooting at about midnight.

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