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Private Fireworks

Fireworks 2017

A private fireworks display during the 4th of July of 2017

I am not sure what I enjoy more, enjoying fireworks or photographing fireworks.  If you look through the gallery that this image is linked to you will see a handful of fireworks images.  This image is a bit different though.  The other images that I have shared are from municipal type displays, this shot was from some nearby private fireworks.

The house that you see in this image is a mile or so south of our house and is up on an elevated ridge.  We have always wondered what the view from up on that ridge was like and we finally got the opportunity to visit this very house earlier this year during a party that was hosted there.  When we were at that party we found out that the people that live there put on a fireworks display each year for a party that they host.  With that knowledge we decided to forego all of the larger municipal displays and limit ourselves to enjoying this one.

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Storm Chasing Olympia Style

Olympia Severe Warned Storm

The Olympia doesn’t get many severe warned storms, but we had one this year

If you have followed me and my photography at all you will know that severe weather is far and away my favorite photographic subject.  I was chasing storms before I knew that storm chasing was actually a thing and knew that when I moved back home to the Pacific Northwest back in 2012 that having severe warned storms here was going to be a somewhat rare occasion.

Since we moved to Olympia back in the spring of 2012 we have had one severe warned storm come through the metro area.  We have had a few in the general area, usually to the south of us, so I was pretty excited when everything lined up in early May for what ended up being a pretty epic storm.

This image was captured after the severe warned cell passed over my head.  I sat in 14.5″ an hour rain.  For those that don’t know, 14.5″ an hour is a crazy amount of rain.  Shortly after this storm passed over me, near the Olympia airport, it travelled to the northeast, over Lacey, WA, where it developed into a wet microburst that did an impressive amount of damage.

I am looking forward to making a trip or two to Arizona over the next month or two and hope to get some Arizona monsoon chasing in, it is one of the things from Arizona that I truly miss.

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Gilbert Silos at Sunset

Gilbert Silos

The Gilbert Silos captured at sunset

When one things of capturing an image of a grain silo at sunset, Arizona is probably not the first location that comes to mind.  You would probably think of somewhere like the Palouse region here in Washington State, but in the far east valley of the Phoenix area is the town of Gilbert, which has the Gilbert Silos.

Gilbert, while technically a suburb of Phoenix, is actually a good distance to the south and east of Phoenix, and was a huge agriculture center for decades.  Now days it has become developments of track houses in neighborhoods that look just like any other suburban neighborhood and a downtown that is really trying to give downtown Scottsdale a run for its money when it comes to trendy restaurants and shops.

The nice thing though is that this set of silos, while sort of in the middle of those suburban neighborhoods, still stands, and the residents in the area seem to want them to stay.  

I have shot these silos a number of times but I hadn’t been back to them in a few years until last week when I was out shooting with my good friend Bryan Snider.  It was fun to visit again and we were even rewarded with a nice sunset.

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West Oly Roundabouts

West Oly Roundabouts

A nigh time light trails image of the 4th and 5th Ave bridages and roundabouts leading into West Olympia

Over the last year or so my day job work requirements have changed quite a bit.  I have found myself lacking the ambition or motivation to get out and do a lot of shooting, especially by myself.  I have made a few trips out with other photographers, and while I do enjoy that, I have always valued solitude and find getting out shooting by myself to be a very relaxing thing.  I captured this image the other evening from the Washington State Capitol grounds of the roundabouts heading to West Oly.  It also has the Deschutes Parkway, 4th Ave. Bridge and the 5th Ave. Bridge.

I really did enjoy getting out and shooting by myself that night.  I visited a handful of my favorite places to shoot from, and will be sharing more images from my little adventure soon.

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Dreamy Staircase

Dreamy Staircase

A dreamy landscape at the Staircase Ranger Station in the Olympics National Park

Ok, I get it, you came to this blog post, which is titles Dreamy Staircase, and the first thing you notice is that there isn’t a single staircase in the entire scene.  Granted, the trees have a bit of a dreamy quality, but even the corner of the building that is in the shot is obviously a single story structure and certainly doesn’t have a staircase, let alone a dreamy one.

So why did I title this image, and blog post, Dreamy Staircase?  For some of us in Western Washington is might actually be somewhat obvious, as I said above the trees have a dreamy quality to them and this was captured at the Staircase region of the Olympic National Park.  See, pretty obvious isn’t it.  :-)


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