Fine Art Prints

Virtually all images at are available as fine art prints.  Prints are signed by Scott and come in most common sizes and are available on both glossy and luster paper as well as metal and canvas.

Images are displayed on this site with a branding watermark in the lower corner of the image, this WILL NOT be displayed on fine art prints ordered from this site

Glossy and Luster Prints

All of my traditional paper based prints, whether on glossy or luster paper, are professionally printed on professional paper and are personally inspected and signed by me before being shipped.

  • Glossy – Glossy photoo paper is designed to make printed photos look sharp, vibrant and more like a traditional photograph. Handling of glossy paper is important as the paper can quickly and easily be marred by fingerprints and dirt. Because of its smooth surface, reflections can be in issue in direct light.
  • Luster – Luster photo paper is designed with a subtle texture to allow for easier handling and lower reflections in direct light.  Sometimes luster paper is referred to as satin, pearl or semi-gloss.

Metal Prints

Metal prints are a somewhat new technology where images are infused onto a sheet of specially coated aluminum.  Because the image is infused to the aluminum it displays with a vibrance and luminescence that is not possible on traditional paper prints.  Another advantage to metal prints is that they do not require matting or framing, they are designed with mounting plate that “floats” them off of the wall providing a sleek and modern look.

Canvas Wraps

Canvas wrap prints are images that are printed on canvas and then wrapped around a frame, typically made of wood, and in many ways are reminiscent of traditional oil paintings in the way that they are hung and displayed.  Some people consider them a more elegant was of displaying modern imagery.


How to order prints prints, metals and canvas wraps

Prints, metal prints and canvas wraps can be ordered from any gallery on this site.  Simply click “Galleries” from the top of any page displayed and then click on the desired gallery.

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Galleries can be displayed by clicking “Galleries” on any page on this site

Once you select the desired gallery, you will be presented with the images in that gallery.  Simply select the desired image by clicking on it.

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Simply click on any image that you want to purchase

This will display the selected image in a full browser version.  At the bottom of the image will be a little up arrow, click on it to display the image control options. (If your browser had hot keys enabled, you can also press the “E” on your keyboard to bring up the e-commerce panel)

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Click the small UP arrow at the bottom of the image to activate the image controls

This will activate the image controls, simply click on the small shopping cart, make your selections, and checkout using Paypal.

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Click the shopping card icon to make your selections and to check out

Please allow for at least two weeks for the images to be professionally printed, inspected, signed and shipped.