A Lunchtime Stroll

Lunchtime Stroll

I dedcided to take the new Sony a7II body out today during my lunchtime stroll around Capitol Lake


I am not one of those photographers that are constantly looking for the latest and greatest photo gear.  Truth be told, I tend to shoot with a camera body for a very long time before I make any sort of upgrade.  I firmly believe that the camera is one of the least important parts of making a good image.  With that said, I do enjoy new gear, and do buy new cameras every now and then, and when I do like like to take them out for a little test run, like I did yesterday while on a lunchtime stroll around Capitol Lake here in Olympia.

Many of you might remember that I made the switch from Nikon to Sony almost exactly 3 years ago.  I started with a pair of Sony a6000 bodies, both of which I still own and still use almost daily, but I just added a new Sony a7II body to the family.  I am not going to go into detail about full frame vs. crop sensors, I find a benefit to using both, and like having both in my “toolbox” for making images.  

This really isn’t much more than a snapshot, but I believe that it is a nice snapshot.  

Also as a bit of a spoiler, not only did I add the new a7II body to the lineup, there are two new lenses on their way and one of the a6000 bodies will be getting covered to IR :-)

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