A Barn In IR

A Barn in Olympia in IR

An IR image of a barn near the Olympia Airport

I haven’t shared on IR image in a long time, the main reason for that is that I simply haven’t been out shooting with my IR converted camera.  I decided to correct that recently when I grabbed my converted camera and grabbed a shot of this barn that is located near my house.

This barn is on the Olympia Airport property, I don’t know the history of it but I suspect that the airport acquired this property at some point during an expansion and now this barn sits behind the fence that prohibits entry onto the airport property.  Fortunately you can get a good vantage of this great old barn from the road.

I drive by this barn 3 or 4 times a week and have always found it interesting, I do enjoy old barns, and glad that I finally decided to grab a shot of it, and I think that it worked really well as an IR shot.

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  1. Michael W Criswell October 30, 2018 at 10:47 am #

    Nice IR, I have not touched mine this year, just been a busy hectic summer and fall with the move and all, ready for a rest in the Smokies with the photo boys next week, hope your well

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