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Recently I met Fototripper Gavin Hardcastle while out shooting Lower Lewis River Falls

This past October a friend of mine, Jon Stolarski, was doing some work in the Portland area.  Jon is from Arizona and while we used to shoot together a lot when I lived there, and from time to time during my storm chasing trips, it was great to have him make his way to the Pacific Northwest where he could see some water flowing in its natural habitat.  Ironically, I am talking about shooting with my friend Jon, and it isn’t actually Jon in this image.  This shot is of another guy we met on this trip, Gavin Hardcastle, better known as the Fototripper.

Jon and I had shot a few other locations before making it to Lower Lewis River Falls, and when we got to the falls we pretty much had the place to ourselves, with the exception of this guy in a blue jacket that seemed to be talking to himself a lot.  Gavin wasn’t actually talking to himself, but was talking to his GoPro camera while shooting one of his YouTube videos.  I shoot these falls somewhat regularly, I only live about 90 minutes or so away from them, and I was really enjoying watching Jon move around the area trying to take it all in, these falls are pretty spectacular, and I wasn’t really putting much effort into shooting.  I actually took more pictures of Jon taking pictures of the falls than I actually took of the falls themselves.  I also grabbed this snapshot of Gavin while he was shooting the YouTube video I just mentioned.

Curious about the video that Gavin was shooting?  Here is a link.  I won’t say where, but I am actually in the background of a shot in this video. :-)

All in all it was a great day.  I got to spend the day shooting with an old friend and even met a new one.

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