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Tivoli At Night

Tivoli Fountain at Night

The Tivoli fountain in Olympia, WA at night

Just a quick post today to share a picture of the Tivoli Fountain at night.  If you follow my blog you know that have shared a number of images of this fountain, as well as other shots from around the capitol grounds here in Olympia.

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Grand Canyon Lightning

Grand Canyon Lightning

Lightning strikes in the Grand Canyon in Arizona during the 2017 monsoon season

I have been shooting lightning for almost 30 years. Yeah, I know, I’m getting old and this just helps date myself, but it’s a simple fact, I have been doing this a long time. In those years I have captured lightning on film.  I’ve captured it on slides.  I’ve captured it with digital cameras.  I have been fortunate enough to capture it over cities, forests and deserts.  I have captured it in quite a few different states but the one thing I had never been able to do was capture it in the Grand Canyon.  That was until this past summer during the Arizona monsoon where I captured this shot, Grand Canyon Lightning.

You can really say that this has been a “bucket list” image of mine for many years.  I can now check this off as something I have never done, and while this was my first lightning strike image in the Grand Canyon, I really hope that it isn’t the last.

Update: Since initially publishing this blog post I found out that this image was selected as the winner of the Stormhour Photo of The Week.  I am truly humbled to have won this.

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More Power To The Wayback Machine

More Power

Lightning strikes near Casa Grande, AZ during the 2011 Arizona Monsoon Season

A few days ago I shared an image of lightning that I captured back in 2011 but re-edited with more modern post processing software.  This is something that I am going to do with most, if not all, of my older storm chasing images that I have here in my galleries.  Today I am sharing a re-edit of an image I originally titled More Power.

I captured this image near Casa Grande during the 2011 Arizona Monsoon.  This image was captured after a long evening / night of storm chasing.  I don’t remember for sure but if I had to guess this was probably close to midnight.  While this image might not have many elements of a classic landscape shot, I always loved the power lines leading the eye into the shot and to the lightning bolt.  

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Impromptu Photowalks

After the Board Meeting

A shot of the Washington State Capitol Building captured after the April OCC board meeting

I have always been a fan of local camera clubs and have belonged to a number of them over the years. Not only am I a member of the Olympia Camera Club, I am also currently serving as the president of the club. We hold our monthly board meetings on the first Tuesday of each month, and after last night’s meeting a few of my fellow board members, and I, got to together for a bit of an impromptu photowalk around the Capitol grounds while the trees are still in bloom.  It was a lot of fun and really does show that some of the best photowalks are impromptu photowalks.

This is a slightly different perspective of a shot that I shared the other day.  You can see that image here.  I have at least one more image of the Capitol from this years bloom that I will be sharing soon, but I have a few other things to share before that.  Besides, you probably wouldn’t mind a break from Capitol shots.

Ok, back to the point of this blog post.  When you get the chance for an impromptu photowalk with a group of friends go for it.  It can be a lot of fun and who knows, maybe you will get an image you like.

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Tivoli Fountain in the Cinematic Frame

Cinematic Tivoli Fountain

A cinematic frame look at the Tivoli Fountain in Olympia

In the month of March I explored shooting scenes in an aspect ratio of 2.39:1. This is known as the “cinematic frame” and tends to be a much wider format than most people think. I recently captured this night time shot of the Tivoli Fountain in Olympia in the cinematic frame.

I have more shots of the fountain, I have been wanting to shoot it at night for a long time but between some long term maintenance and what seems to be some odd scheduling surrounding the lighting, which I will go into in a future blog post featuring at least one image of the fountain, it has taken me quite a while to get a night shot of the fountain.

You can click here to see a couple of my other cinematic frame images as well as here for an abstract, daytime, shot that I captured at the fountain.  

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