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Capitol In Bloom

Capitol In Bloom

The trees at the Washington State Capitol building in Olympia are in full bloom at blue hour

If you follow my photography you know that the Washington State Capitol grounds is one of my favorite places locally to shoot. I shoot there all year long but something special happens every spring when the trees start to bloom. It really is a capitol in bloom for just a few days.

When you click through to my gallery, by clicking on this image, you will see that I have another shot that is VERY similar to this one, I captured it two years ago, and blogged about it here.  I actually shoot this scene each and every year, I just don’t always share those images or blog about them.

This is becoming an ever more popular scene to shoot each spring.  Five years ago when I started shooting it you might come across one other photographer while you were there.  That increased a little each year, and this year when we went down to shoot there were at least 10 other people there shooting, some from Portland.

If you see this post now, and are in the Olympia area, you still have time to get to the capitol and capture this scene for yourself.

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The Wayback Machine revisits Tagging Along

Tagging Along

This is a re-edit of an image I captued outside of Phoenix, AZ in 2011 of lightning striking during the 2011 Monsoon Season

In the past I had done a series of blog posts that I called “Wayback Machine” posts. Basically they were blog posts where I would share some sort of content that I had previously shared, perhaps not on my blog, but was something that the world had seen before.  I have decided to bring that series back, but to use it in a slightly different manner.

I was asked to do a presentation to the Olympia Camera Club on severe weather photography and storm chasing.  As I was going through the images that I wanted to share for the presentation I realized that there were a lot of older storm images that I didn’t quite like any longer.  There was nothing really wrong with them, but as I looked at them more and more I realized that if I would have captured that image today it would look entirely different from a post processing standpoint.

The reason for that is simple, the post processing tools that I have at my disposal now simply didn’t when these images were captured, and shared.  This sort of got me going down a “dangerous” patch mentally.  I realized that I needed to not only re-edit some of these older images but I also needed to clean up on weather gallery here on my site.

In the very near future I will share an image, or two, where I will show the original version along side my re-imagining of the same image.  In the meantime, I am sharing this image which is a re-edit of an image that I originally called “Tagging Along” and was captured just outside of Phoenix Arizona during the 2011 monsoon season.

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Black Water Swirl

Black Water Swirls

Interesting swirls in the black water during high tide at Percival Landing in Olympia, WA

A little over a week ago I wanted to take some of my new gear out and see how it behaved with some night shooting.  I put my Sony a7II, the new 24-105 f4 and the new to me Sony 16-35 f4 in my bag and headed down to one of my “goto” locations and found this fascinating black water swirl.

I wasn’t sure what the tides would be like when I got to Percival Landing, my “goto” location, but was happy to see that it was relatively high when I got there but what really caught my attention where all these little bubbles that were swirling around between the public boat dock and the shore.  These bubbles were moving very slowly, and the water was very dark, but I suspected that with the contrast between the more bright bubbles and the dark water and a long exposure I would be able to capture their motion.  This image is the result of that effort and I am quite pleased with it.

So, how did the 2 lenses handle the night shooting?  Both did quite well but IMO the 16-35 f4, which I used to create this image, was a tad better than the 24-105 f4 when it comes to creating the “starbursts” around the lights.  Don’t get me wrong, the 24-105 was very good and I really need to get out for some more night shooting to really put both of these excellent lenses through the paces.

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The Cinematic Frame

Cinematic Olympia

Cinematic Capitol

Last month I explored minimalism in photography.  I shared an image of some geese, a manhole cover and a bird in flight.  This month I am exploring the cinematic frame, and more specifically, images in the 2.39:1 aspect ratio.

As you can see in the two images I have shared in this post, the 2.39:1 aspect ration is a lot wider than what I normally shoot.  While I can’t actually capture this natively in camera, and I need to crop it to the cinematic frame in post processing, I am working on seeing the final crop in my viewfinder when I am capturing the frame.

Stay tuned, I suspect I will be sharing a few more this month.

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