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Masts, Cranes and Ships

Masts and Cranes

The cranes of a cargo ship behind the masts of pleasure craft in Olympia, WA

I am a big fan of the Port of Olympia. Personally I feel that a vibrant port business is good for the community and even though there has been controversy in the past as to the types of goods that come through our little port, I am always happy to see a big ship at the dock and the cranes moving good around.  I captured this image, that features masts from pleasure craft in front of the cranes of a cargo ship during the recent Kelby World Wide Photowalk around the waterfront in downtown Olympia.

Those that follow my blog, or my social media posts, know that I enjoy our waterfront.  I spend a lot of time down there either with a camera in my hand or enjoying a craft beer at Oly Taproom.  One of the reasons that I live where I do is to be close to the water.  Nothing, IMO, says “close to the water” like a boat or a ship. :-)

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Tivoli Fountain Abstract

Tivoli Abstract

A black and white abstract image created at the Tivoli Fountain in Olympia, Washington

There are a lot of really cool things on the grounds of the Washington State Capital in Olympia.  One of those things is a replica of the fountain in Tivoli Park in Copenhagen, Denmark.  That’s right, Olympia has it’s own Tivoli Fountain.

Sadly, over the last few years, visitors of the capital grounds haven’t had the pleasure of seeing our Tivoli Fountain in operation, it had fallen into disrepair over the years, but that changed this summer when the fountain was reopened after a fairly intensive restoration effort.

I had shot the fountain in the past, and plan to shoot it a lot more now that it is operational again, and have made a couple trips down his summer to make some images of it.  This image is from a recent visit.

The first thing you will notice is that you can’t really tell that this is indeed the Tivoli Fountain, but is an abstract of some people walking away from the fountain.

I hope you enjoy this black and white abstract image, and if you follow my blog you will be seeing more images of this special fountain soon.

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