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The Value of Turning Around

Red Barn Winter Wonderland

A red barn in a winter wonderland of Northern Idaho

In my opinion, any photographer “worth their salt” will have an idea for an image that they want to make before they head out the door with their camera gear. In the modern age there are a numerous apps that will help you plan where the moon or sun will be at a certain time and location.  There are apps that will help determine how impressive a sunset or sunrise will look and there are a tons of sites that help you determine what location to shoot.  With all of that, sometimes the best images come from simply turning around.

I created this image after climbing up a snowy hill over the Christmas holiday in Northern Idaho.  The same hill that I created this sunset image that I shared the other day.  I did the shooting that I had planned on while on the hill and turned around to walk back down the hill to go inside and get warm when I saw the scene in this image.

I sort of forgot about everything else I was shooting that afternoon and made this image when I saw that red barn in the distance.  This is not a selective color image, it was simply that the red of the barn was the only real color in the wintery scene and provides a nice contrast to everything around it.

If I hadn’t been paying attention to everything else around me while I was out shooting I most likely would not have seen this as it wasn’t what I was going out to shoot, it was a happy accident.  Sometimes there is nothing better than a happy accident and who knows what will happen, in the case of this image I shared in on Flickr and so far it has had over 11,000 views and has ranked very high in their “Explore” section.

So to recap, TURN AROUND :-)

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A wintery sunset

Wintery Sunset

A wintery sunset over fields of snow in northern Idaho

Contrast in images can come from a lot of different things, far to many thing to actually list in this post, but to me this image just “screams” contrast. For me, that contrast in this image is the sky that caught on fire during a wintery sunset.

I captured this over the Christmas holiday while spending 10 days with family in Northern Idaho.  It was really cold that day and we were enjoying some cocktails just as the sun was starting to set.  I noticed the sky started to get a little hint of orange so I grabbed my camera, a coat and climbed up a nearby hill to get this scene.

I really wish that any image could have captured what this really looked like while I was standing there, the color in the sky reflecting in the field of snow was jaw dropping.

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