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Crane and Space Needle Sunset

A pair and cranes and the iconic Speattle Space Needle just after sunset

A pair and cranes and the iconic Speattle Space Needle just after sunset

The title of this blog post is be pretty obvious, there are some cranes, the Space Needle and it is at sunset, pretty straight forward. :-)

I made this image from Gasworks Park in Seattle back in January while doing a little shooting around the Seattle area.  I was actually standing in almost the exact same location to get this shot of the Space Needle as I was when I got the image of the sun setting on the houses near Lake Union that I shared some time ago.

If I am going to be completely honest, I don’t get up to Seattle and shoot nearly as much as I would like.  I generally head up for an hour or two and go to a few spots that I always visit, I really need to get out and explore some new locations.

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Exploring The Frontier with ExpeditionCityStreets

Expedition City Streets Two

Mural art in downtown Olympia, WA captured for #ExpeditionCityStreets

A little over a week ago my good friends over at The Photo Frontier put together a little global photo event called Expedition City Streets, or #ExpeditionCityStreets in its hashtag form. :-)

There was no doubt that I wanted to participate, but it happened to fall on a Tuesday and sadly I do have a day job.  This meant that my participation in #ExpeditionCityStreets was going to be limited to my lunch hour.  This wasn’t going to give me the amount of time I would have liked to really get the creative juices flowing, and I knew that I was going to have to pick something to “focus” my camera on.  Ultimately I decided to concentrate on the murals and art that you can find on many of the buildings in downtown Olympia.

The follow collection of images, as well as the one that headlines this post, are from that all to brief #ExpeditionCityStreets photowalk.  Please keep in mind that there is actually a lot more art all around Olympia, these are just a very small sample.  I hope you enjoy, and as always, please click on any image to see a larger sized version scaled for the display you are viewing it on.

Expedition City Streets One

Expedition City Streets Three

Expedition City Streets Four

Expedition City Streets Five

Expedition City Streets Six

Expedition City Streets Seven

Expedition City Streets Nine

Expedition City Streets Eight

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New gear will not make you a better photographer

In this video I share my thoughts on if buying new gear will make you a better photographer

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Hey, it’s over there

Over There

Image of a photographer shooting in the wrong direction while trying to capture a lightning bolt

Since moving to Washington State back in the spring of 2012 I have made it a point to get back to Arizona at least once every summer to chase the Arizona Monsoon.  During those trips something of a tradition has developed where I make a storm chasing trip to the northern part of the state with two of my friends, Bryan Snider and Chris Frailey.  I was during that trip last summer that I made this image which I simply titled “Over There” for what is a somewhat obvious reason when looking at the image.

For Monsoon 2015, our trip north ultimately took us to the Petrified Forest National Park.  For those that have never been, the Petrified Forest offers some of the most beautifully stark landscapes you will come across anywhere.  Even though there aren’t a lot of roads in the park, it really is a great place to capture weather images, the contrast between the storms and the desert, IMO, is captivating.  The downside to there not being a lot of roads in the park, there are not a lot of places to be able to pull over the capture those images.  You are generally limited to scenic vista points and the roadside pullouts near trailheads.

This particular shot was captured at one of those highway wide spots with pull off parking.  The storm was due south of us and the only place to shoot from was on the north side of the road meaning that we were actually shooting across the highway.  Generally speaking this wasn’t much of a problem other than having to try to time shots between passing cars, fortunately traffic was fairly light when we where there.

While the three of us were setup and shooting the storm to the south, a very nice couple pulled up, got our of their car with their cameras and asked us about capturing lightning.  We explained the basics to them and really assumed that the woman would shoot from beside us.  As you can see from this image, she took a different approach and walked to the other side of the highway and started shooting.  I am not really sure that she actually captured a bolt of lightning, she was shooting hand hold and would concentrate on where a strike had previously occurred kept missing the real action.  As I said, she was actually quite nice, and when we pointed out that she had jumped right into our shots she moved, but I do think that there was a bit of mother nature’s justice in that she was constantly point in the wrong direction and the lightning was always “over there.”

While I have at least 100 other lightning images from that day alone, I suspect that this will be the last one that I share from the 2015 monsoon.  I am really looking forward to making at least one Arizona trip for Monsoon 2016 and for the annual trip north with Bryan and Chris but before I finish this blog post I thought I would share one bonus image of two good storm chasing friends that I captured with a humble iPhone.


Bryan Snider and Chris Frailey storm chasing in Northern Arizona during Monsoon 2015


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Comparing lens adapters for mirrorless cameras

I have had a lot of people ask me about the different lens adapters for using Nikon lenses on mirrorless cameras. I decided to shoot a short video explaining the options that I have experience with.

This isn’t intended to be a comprehensive run down of the options out there, simply what I have experience with and what I feel I can confidently speak to.

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