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The Artisan Barn Is Open

The shadow of my tripod near the Artisan Barn  in Uniontown, WA

The shadow of my tripod near the Artisan Barn in Uniontown, WA

There are a lot of barns on the Palouse.  Not only are there a lot of barns, there are a lot of styles of barns.  At one time all these barns had one thing in common, they were working barns on working farms.  Today a large number of barns on the Palouse are still working barns on working farms, but a number of them have been given a new life for other purposes.  The “Wheel Barn” in Uniontown, WA is a great example of that.  Technically the Dahmen Barn, this barn is also know as the Artisan Barn.

Today this barn, by whatever name you want to give it, plays host to local artisans and also provides both display and performance space for artists in the area.  IMO this really is quite an accomplishment when you consider that Uniontown is actually a very small town south of Pullman.

We visited the barn during sunrise on our last full day on the Palouse for NxNW2015.  While I did shoot the barn itself quite a lot, one of the scenes that immediately grabbed my attention was these old signs that I suspect were put out on the highway to direct people to the barn.  Not only did I like the signs, the rising sun was right at my back and my tripod was casting a shadow that I thought was very appropriate for the scene.

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Two Firsts

First Lightning

The first lightning strike captured with my Sony a6000 camera

As seems to be the case more often than not over the last 6 to 8 weeks, this blog has been sorely neglected.  I have been traveling a lot for work recently and just returned home from a week in Arizona.  The upside to a summer trip to Arizona is that it is Monsoon Season, and I took every opportunity I could to get out and shoot as much weather as possible.  The above image is from my first evening storm chasing and actually represents a couple firsts from a technology standpoint.

Not only was it the very first lightning strike captured with my new Sony a6000 camera, it is also the first lightning strike captured with the Lightning Trigger LT-IV that I recently added to my storm chasing kit.  I will be going into more detail on my storm chasing experience with both the a6000 and the LT-IV soon, but wanted to share this image as something of a teaser.  I will be doing my own full review of the LT-IV soon and my storm chasing experience will be part of my long awaited “why I switched to mirrorless” blog post that I have been working on.

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Fireworks in Tumwater Valley

Tumwater Valley fireworks 2015

Fireworks att he Artesian Family Festival and Thunder Valley Fireworks

Even though Thurston County is somewhat small, there are options for 4th of July weekend fireworks on both the 3rd and 4th of July. Yesterday I posted and image of the display at Boston Harbor on the evening of the 3rd, and today I am posting an image from display last night in the Tumwater Valley.

While everyone seems to unofficially call the display the “Tumwater Valley Fireworks” the actual name of the event is “Artesian Family Festival and Thunder Valley Fireworks.”  As much as I do love having fireworks over water, the display in the Tumwater valley is always a good one, and last nights was no exception.

I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July holiday.  I am traveling for the next week and a half for work, I hope to update this blog as much as possible while I am gone.

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4th of July 2015

Boston Harbor Fireworks 2015

2 kids enjoying the Boston Harbor fireworks on July 3rd, 2015

Let me start this blog post by wishing all of my readers and followers a very happy 4th of July.  I hope that you are able to get out and enjoy celebrating Independence Day 2015.

We started the long weekend celebrations by going to the Boston Harbor fireworks.  This is actually our 2nd time going to this show, and while it might be smaller than the nearby display put on in Lacey, WA, I think it is a much better location, who doesn’t love fireworks over water.

We were in almost the exact same location this year for the display as we were last year, and even though there were fewer people right around us, but it was still a very well attended show.

I really enjoy shooting fireworks, and this display was my first attempt at doing so with my new mirrorless camera system, and it performed great, as I thought it would.  While I wish that there would have been just a little bit more light on these two boys who were enjoying the show, I am still quite happy with the composition and hope you enjoy it also.

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