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Ghostly Water

Ghostly Water

Ghostly Water in Bordeaux, WA

One of the gems of the Olympia, WA area, and one that I don’t actually utilize nearly as much as I should is the Capitol State Forest.  I have explored some, but it came as a complete surprise when I found out that there was a ghost town, Bordeaux, WA, just feet from one of the roads leading to the forest.  Now that I do know about it, I took the opportunity to visit this past weekend and made this image, which I have titled Ghostly Water.

Bordeaux is a fascinating place, and I will be sharing more images from there, but I will also be going out and shooting there more.

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Palouse Clouds


Palouse Clouds

I could write a number of different things about this image of some clouds I made over the Palouse over the Easter weekend.  I could have written about the value of a well made snapshot.  I could have talked about being with family on holidays.  I could have even written about my move away from dslr technology and into the mirrorless world, but I think I will just share this picture, that I made as a bit of a teaser image for some friends who I will be shooting on the Palouse with the first week of June, and leave it at that. :-)

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Day and Night – The WE35 March Expedition



The March expedition was a lot harder than I thought it would be. The first thought that came to mind when it was announced was that I was going to have to do something contrasting, day and night are in contrast to each other and are basically two sides of the same coin.

After a few aborted ideas I decided to really play with both contrast as well as the “same coin” idea and came up with these two images. These images both have Capitol Lake here in Olympia in them. Both are shot in the same general area, the day shot is from the north shooting south and the night is from the south shooting north. What ties them together is that in both cases you can see the location I was standing to shoot the opposing image.

Downtown Oly



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