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It’s a Capitol Marina

Capitol Marina

The Washington State Capitol building in the background, a marina in the foregound, in Olympia, WA

Ok, so it isn’t really called Capitol Marina, but it is a marina with the capitol building in the background.

One of the things I have always loved about Olympia is how the capitol building sits above downtown and is part of the scenery.  This provides a great deal of contrast with the classical rotunda architecture and the surrounded fir trees and nature.  It also provides a nice contrast with the marinas along Percival Landing.

As always, I hope you enjoy this image, and if you click on the image itself, it will take you to a larger version.

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Percival Landing Fisheye

The Percival Fisheye

Fisheye image of Percival Landing in downtown Olympia, WA

When we moved to Olympia from Arizona back in 2012 I had an idea for a photo project that I wanted to work on.  For whatever reason I never actually started it and it sort of fell off of my radar.  With my desire to get out and shoot more in 2015, I have decided to get started on that project.  This fisheye image of Percival Landing in downtown Olympia will be part of that project.  I am not ready to go into much detail as to what the project will be, but I will be sharing images as I capture them and if things go as I plan this will turn into a book at some point.

In the meantime, you can always visit the new gallery section here on my site where I have setup a “Projects” category.  You can also click on this image to get taken to that section.

As for this image, anyone who has spent any time in downtown Olympia has walked by this scene many times.  It doesn’t take much effort with your favorite search engine to find hundreds of images from this very location, so I decided to use a fisheye lens to give it a little distortion and change up the scene just a bit.

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The Old Olympia Brewhouse – #WE35 Field Report

Old Brew House

The old Olympia Brewery brew house in Tumwater WA.

If I am going to be completely honest, we haven’t had the greatest of weather over the last week or two. There have been days, and I mean a good number of days, where the fog simply hasn’t lifted. On the rare days that it wasn’t foggy, it was raining, and in a couple cases, raining HARD. When this weekend rolled around, and there was actually a break in the bad weather, I decided to grab the camera, mount up my 35mm prime lens, and head down to the old Olympia Brewhouse.

The old Olympia Brewhouse is a pretty special place to people living in the area and is rich with history.  Sadly it has sat in disrepair for a number of years but recently it was reported that there are new owners and the old structure is undergoing restoration.  This is great news, and it does appear that there is activity going on, just outside of the frame was some heavy machinery that can’t be seen in this image.

I hope that you enjoy this image, I shot it with the intention of it being black and white, and if you click on the image you will see a larger version in a new gallery I created just for the #WE35 project.

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Photo Resolutions

Police Department

Metal letters creating a Police Department sign on a brick wall

Upon first glance at the title of this blog post, Photo Resolutions, you might think I will be talking about things like megapixels, dpi or how big an image is on either the long or short edge.  If that is what you are thinking, you would be completely wrong. :-)

For this post, the title “Photo Resolutions” refer to those silly little things we promise ourselves that we will do at the beginning of each new year, and have typically failed at by the 2nd or 3rd week of that new year.

While I was doing a little “house cleaning” on my main Lightroom catalog last week I discovered that I didn’t shoot nearly as much in 2014 as I had in the previous few years, that even includes 2012 when I was preoccupied with moving from Arizona to Washington for almost 3 months.  While it would be very easy to set a resolution to myself to get out and shoot more, that would also be a very easy resolution to break, I need a little more motivation than that.

I have already posted a little bit about the #WE35 project I will be working on in 2015, and while I am really looking forward to working on that, I am not entirely sure that it is enough to keep me motivated, I can be pretty lazy at times.  That is why I have decided to pay a little more attention to stock photography.  “Back in the day” I had a decent amount of success with stock photography, but I have never really given it the attention that it would deserve to call it a success.  The mindset when shooting stock is quite a bit different than it is when you are simply shooting for art.

Take the image that I am sharing in this post as an example.  This image was captured during a photowalk in Centrailia, WA. during the summer of 2014.  There is nothing particularly special about this image, I would not include something like this in a fine art gallery, but it is a very attractive stock image.  There are a lot of uses, commercially, for an image like this, and even though I only uploaded it to my stock account yesterday, it has already gotten a nice number of views and hopefully a license or two is right around the corner.

Stay tuned, one of my other photo resolutions for 2015 is to update this photoblog a little more frequently than I did in 2014.

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Winter Falls

Winter Falls

A long exposure image of upper Tumwater Falls near the old Olympia Brewery on a cold winter day

As I was doing a little Lightroom catalog maintenance at the very end of 2014 one thing really jumped out at me, I didn’t actually shoot all that much in 2014.  While I don’t like making resolutions that I am going to just break anyway, I did tell myself that I needed to get out more in 2015 and make more images.  I took the opportunity to do just that on New Years Day by making a short trip down to Tumwater Falls Park and making this image of the upper falls which I am calling Winter Falls.

Tumwater Falls Park, which is in the shadow of the old Olympia Brewery is sort of a “goto” place when I want to get and and shoot some, it is only a few miles from the house, there is ample parking and well maintained trails all through the small urban park.  One thing I hadn’t done though is do any real shooting when there are ice on the falls.  I am really glad that I braved the cold to head out and make this image, I am very pleased with the outcome.

This is one of those images that I hope you will click on to see the larger version, IMO, it really displays better a bit larger.

Regardless of how your 2014 was, here’s to all of us having a great 2015 and Happy New Year everyone.

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